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Shawn A. Scott, Barrister & Solicitor

Profiles: Brookshire Law Office Team

Shawn Scott has worked as a lawyer since 1996 and served HRM and North Hants during this period.  He graduated from Queens University with a Doctor’s degree in Jurisprudence in 1994.  His areas of practice include family, probate, and property.  He is a free speech advocate and a member of the Canadian Bar Association. His hobbies include photography, fine dining, and travel.

Greta Scott has worked as a property paralegal since 2000.  She has a BA from Concordia University.  Her hobbies include studying French at Alliance Francaise, taking piano lessons at the local conservatory and attending to grandchildren.

Jeffrey Byrne has worked a family and probate paralegal since 2015.  His hobbies include playing piano and composing music.

Tanya Burgess is both the office bookkeeper and a property paralegal.

Cathy McMullin is the office administrator and has been with the firm since 2002.



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